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Do you have questions about data privacy or do you want to know which data we stored about you? Then send us a short written inquiry by mail to the address besides. We are pleased to provide information.
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Data privacy statement

The protection of your personal data is very important for us. Every acquision, processing and storage is having regard to the current data privacy statement. We ensure the highest degree of transparency, so that you gain full control over your data.

Different data is captured while requesting These data is necessary to process your inquiry (e. g. name, address, telephone number, email address). You can be sure we handle your data under consideration of legal requirements.

Some data is also stored automatically without entering it seperately. These are technical information transferred by the computer through the internet - necessary to transfer the data and information of through the world wide web to your own computer. Depending of the software you use you are able to influence the amount of transferred data, for example by deactivating several services of your computer or configurating your system or web browser.

The only data stored by is necessary to perform own services or answer inquiries. These are: your name, address, telephone number and email address. These information are not gathered automatically but must be entered by yourself voluntary. Automatically stored data is not saved permanently. In particular this data consists of the requesting IP-address as well as date and time of the request. Furthermore it is logged, which pages of you visit and which data you request via your browser. So it can be seen how long you stay on each single page. By technical demands the so called 'referrer' is transferred, too. This means it is logged, from which origin or foreign website you visit Also by technical demands your system tells, what kind of internet browser you use and which operating system is installed on your computer.

These automatically gathered data is only used for statistical reasons. They are not stored further. The information about your person that you enter by yourself are saved as long as needed to process your inquiry. Third parties have no access to this data. Tha database is protected against external accesses suitable.

Automatically stored data is definately not used to gather information about specific persons. The data is only used for statistical reasons to optimize the services of So reserves the right to use an analyzing software for its internet offer to analyze the usage. This software is unprovided for creating personal user profiles. It is possible that statistics are transferred to the operator of the analysis service, but only without reference to the specific user.

The personal data stored by ist not saved longer than necessary. How long it is saved depends on the purpose it is used for. If you have questions about the duration of storage we are pleased to provide information.

Your data ist stored only on server systems within Germany (physical location). There is no forwarding of personal data to other countries outside Germany (even not inside our own company).

We are willing to inform you about every personal data we stored about you. If you are interested please send a written inquiry to the address above. Of course you can disagree the storage of your data or reject your storage agreement any time. In this case also send a written message to the mentioned address. To avoid the abuse of your data we may request an evidence of identity. Your personal data will be deleted, if you have disagreed their usage and if their purpose is fulfilled or if it has to be deleted by rights.

Statistical analysis by Piwik

To optimize our website the hits on it are analyzed statistically. Therefor we use the open source software "Piwik". For processing the analysis it stores "Cookies" on the accessing computer (cookies are small text files). Every stored data about the usage of this website will be saved on the providers server in Germany and not given to third parties. To protect your personal data your IP address will be anonymized immediately after processing. Conclusions are no possible.

Of course you can disagree the automatical capture of your website access. On the one hand you can avoid the storage of cookies by changing the settings of your web browser (several functions of this and other websites may be restricted by this). On the other hand you can prevent the statistical data capture by clicking on the checkmark below. You can undo this step every time.